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 Encrypted HTTP / FTP tunnel?
Author: Alan 
Date:   13-09-04 15:57

Hello, I'm relatively new to running FreeBSD.

I'd like to set up my FreeBSD 5.1 box at home as an encrypted proxy server, so that I can tunnel to it from work via an SSH connection and redirect web and ftp through the tunnel.

I'd like to use a tool for this purpose called Zebedee (; there is a FreeBSD port for this prog and I've been able to install it on my FreeBSD box and on my client PC, but I haven't yet gotten it to work (getting some errors on the server end which I'm still trying to figure out).

If there is an easier solution though I'd certainly like to hear about it. I've heard of using TinyProxy in conjunction with OpenSSH to do this too, basically I want as simple a solution as possible.

Thanks in advance for any help!!

-- Alan

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 Re: Encrypted HTTP / FTP tunnel?
Author: el_kab0ng 
Date:   04-10-04 15:33

Why not just use Squid? It's a decent web/ftp proxy.

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 Re: Encrypted HTTP / FTP tunnel?
Author: Dan Annereau 
Date:   11-10-04 07:39

-setup xFree86 on your client machine at work. (xDarwin, etc...)

-setup an xFree86 server on your machine at home.

-tunnel the connection through the standard ssh port from your xFree86 server to your client.

-you'll run applications directly on your server and have a remote view of them through your ssh tunnel.

-no one will be able to sniff all the contraband sites you're looking at if you're using ssh2, assuming that is your objective.

I did this a while back, and would have too lookup all the details of connecting through a tunnel. The info is out there though. Maybe someone will chime in.

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 Re: Encrypted HTTP / FTP tunnel?
Author: fianna 
Date:   02-11-04 07:48

I'm all over this... Here is teh "how to"

i dont like people sniffing me either... lol

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 Re: Encrypted HTTP / FTP tunnel?
Author: fianna 
Date:   02-11-04 12:49

i still think that the ssh above is more secure...
you can do more ie tunneling, http, ftp, ssh, xterm...

but i found this topic using tightvnc... not a fan of tightvnc... mo0o0

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