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 RE: Virtual Host problem.
Author: SViper68 
Date:   27-10-00 05:39

IM sorry the domains I used were in example as I did not want to give out the ones I have already...and I do own domains already pointing to my ip. Ok now that we have that settled lets get into the grubby stuff. Here is the first Virtual host entry I tried.


DocumentRoot /usr/home/anime
ErrorLog /var/log/apache/error.log
CustomLog /var/log/apache/custom.log

Mind that this is entered at the end of the apache.conf file and that it is in front of the Frontpage access virtual host entry.

The information I was given beforehand from Roman was incorrect. You cannot have just <VirtualHost> the ./apachctl graceful will not run when that is like that. I have mine set to <VirtualHost>. Also it didnt like the Customlog so I commented that out.

I dont like this but what I have to do to get the two sites working with their subs is by adding in an entry into the apache.conf for a virtualhost. I dont know why...but the users can also access their dir either by using the 1st server address or second...IE

Wierd I must say. Thanks for the help.

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