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 RE: Virtual Host problem.
Author: SViper68 
Date:   27-10-00 02:41

ok ok...i will try this one more time. I have apache running on my BSD box. It is hosting a hardware site on it. Everything was working fine until I wanted to host another on the same machine. So what I did was setup a virtual host for the other site which is an Amime site. When I added the entry into the apache.conf file, it looked something like this.

DocumentRoot /usr/home/anime

When I do this, the origanal site which resides in the /usr/local/www/data dir. Dosn't work all the way. For example, Without the Virtual host installed if you went to it would show the about page. When you enable the virtual host, that page nolonger comes up. A page cannot be found screen appears. Even when you type the full address it will not work. Also any member's pages that reside in their home dir will not work when the virtual host is enabled. example. would pull up a page if one was created. Hope this helps.

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