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 FreeBSD WPA PSK config
Author: Kyle W. Cartmell 
Date:   31-05-04 10:03

I'm searching the known universe for a sample WPA PSK configuration for FreeBSD, and so far just getting really frustrated. Would anyone be so kind as to lob a URL in my direction should they have anything useful? :)


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 Re: FreeBSD WPA PSK config
Author: NoWires 
Date:   22-06-04 03:23


Do you mean as a client (workstation) or is the BSD box acting as a AP?

I may be wrong (and have been before) but I don't think the BSD drivers support WPA yet.

Good luck.

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 Re: FreeBSD WPA PSK config
Author: malli 
Date:   17-08-04 00:31

i'm also in search of a url for sample WPA PSK configuration for FreeBSD

if you get any plz respond.



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 Re: FreeBSD WPA PSK config
Author: Josh 
Date:   16-10-04 04:53

Unfortunately i've found nothing nor any inkling of intention from any source at all (and believe me i dug) for WPA support on FreeBSD via 3rd party even . I am actually extremely suprised since the lack of support for WPA (very very very limited EAP-TLS support isn't even usefull )On FreeBSD since it has been proven that WEP is insecure and WPA is now the industry standard. Even now with the impending release of 5.3 stable there is currently no intention amongst FreeBSD developers to incorporate WPA/WPA2 auth into the 5.x series. A very bad move imho since FreeBSD is my prefered operating system but I cannot use it on any of my work stations due to the fact that the entire network is on WPA-PSK w/ AES .
While the use of AES is uncommon the use of WPA-PSK ,TKIP, EAP-PSK, & CCMP is not. Therefore one would hope that the 6.x (6.0-current is at this date "Current" ) tree will incorporate this industry standard.

If anyone has any information about 3rd party applications supporting WPA authentication methods on FreeBSD please email me .

- Josh

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 Re: FreeBSD WPA PSK config
Author: baga 
Date:   19-10-04 18:51

If you watch the -current mailing list, you should find of it recently.

Take a look at

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 Re: FreeBSD WPA PSK config
Author: Kyle W. Cartmell 
Date:   29-10-04 05:59

Here's a direct link to the top of that thread...

Unfortunately, the force is not strong enough in me to allow me to make use of this. I'm a pathetic end user in the FreeBSD world. :(

(Plus I'm much happier when I'm running a stable release.)

For the record, I'm looking to swap my primary Windows XP Professional desktop to FreeBSD, but since I don't care to run wires all over hell and back or share data with my neighbors, this is preventing me from making that move.

Anyone have anything else to share on this topic?

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 Re: FreeBSD WPA PSK config
Author: Joshua Harris 
Date:   05-11-04 05:06

Aye however his patch is incompatible with 5.3rc2. After applying it the kernel will no longer compile and therefore renders this solution patch non-viable

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