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 can this driver be used in freebsd5.2
Author: WXM 
Date:   23-01-04 15:08

hi,people,i have install freebsd release5.2 ,my rthernet adapter is VIA VT6102 Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter, but its driver is for 3.x and 4.x,
readme file is:
** VIA PCI 10/100Mb Fast Ethernet Adapter
** FreeBSD driver
** v2.05 Dec. 2001


The Fast Ethernet 10/100M FreeBSD driver is enclosed. This document shows you how to setup the driver.

Contents of the Subdirectory:

freebsd.txt This file.
freebsd.tar Tar file include the following file list
if_fet.c The FreeBSD driver source code
if_fet.h The FreeBSD driver header file


1) Put the driver disc in Drive A. Under the prompt, type "mount_msdos /dev/fd0 /mnt".
Then, type "cp /mnt/freebsd.tar /usr/src/sys/pci".

2) Type the following commands:
(a) "cd /usr/src/sys/pci"
(b) "tar xvf freebsd.tar"
(c) "cd /usr/src/sys/conf"
(d) "ee files"

3) Under editing file 'files'
(a) In FREEBSD 3.x , please add one line as below:
"pci/if_fet.c optional fet device-driver"
and mark this line as below:
"#pci/if_vr.c optional vr device-driver"
(b) In FREEBSD 4.x , please add one line as below:
"pci/if_fet.c optional fet"
and mark this line as below:
"#pci/if_vr.c optional vr"
Then, save the file. It's important to mark if_vr.c, or you will use the
old driver.

4) Type the following commands:
(a) "cd /usr/src/sys/i386/conf"
(c) "ee SERVER"

5) Under editing file 'SERVER', finding the division of NIC setting, and insert one line
as below:
"device fet0"
And ,mark this line as below:
"#device vr0"
Then, save the file. It's important to mark device vr0, or you will use the
old driver.

6) Now, it's ready to recompile kernel; type the following commands:
(a) cd /usr/src/sys/i386/conf
(b) config SERVER
(c) cd /usr/src/sys/compile/SERVER
(d) make depend all install

7) Before rebooting, make sure the network-related files under /etc are well-configured.
The files are listed below:
(a) /etc/hosts
(b) /etc/resolv.conf
(c) /etc/host.conf
(d) /etc/rc.conf

8) Now, get ready to reboot, type "sync;sync;sync", and "shutdown -r now".

9) Under the newly compiled kernel, type "ifconfig -a", and you can see a new device fet0 (not vr0).

i don't know whether it suits freebsd 5.2,and how to change the installation guide.
i hope sb can find solution and help me!thanks!

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 Re: can this driver be used in freebsd5.2
Author: robert 
Date:   19-05-05 03:51

Good new and bad news: I have the exact same problem and went to motherboard manufacturer, VIA, (sorry, I can't seem to locate the URL) and got the latest files for FreeBSD 5. But, after installing the correct files, editting the "files", recompling the kernel, etc., but I'm still having the same problem of my card not being recognized.

Good Luck!

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