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 dhclient won't use correct netmask
Date:   23-10-00 06:00

Hello, I'm fairly beginerr at unix network, so excuse any ignorance on my behalf. ON my network, I have a Linksys cable/dsl router, it is the acting dhcp server. It assigns ips in the 192.168.1.* range and uses the netmask "".
However, freebsd seems to enjoy the netmask "", I have tried sysinstall to configure my network properly (during install, it worked like a charm. however, afterwards, it flopped). I then, tried numerous varation of ifconfig_blah in /etc/rc.conf. That, as well, failed. I then went as far as grepping every file on my system for "" (a bit extrem, I know). and made all of the changes. No problems, but no results, either.
Does anyone know what I should set? Or how I can get this working? Thank you.

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 RE: dhclient won't use correct netmask
Author: Ian Fradsham 
Date:   24-10-00 17:52

I had a similiar problem with my DSL connection. My ISP uses DHCP and I kept showing a netmask and I couldn't connect to the internet. I had to use the supersede command in the dhclient.conf to set the subnet mask to After doing that everything worked fine. I still don't now why FreeBSD was picking up a subnet mask, however.

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