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 Phorum 3.2 - Header and cookies warning messages
Author: MishaM.K. 
Date:   22-10-00 14:05

I've installed Phorum 3.2 on my remote server. The only thing i've modified is the file extension
I've changed .php to .php3
That's all. DB connection works fine. I've installed the first forum and even posted 3 testing messages. Since then I can't open the forum in my browser. I get this message:
Warning: Cannot add more header information - the header was already sent (header information may be added only before any output is generated from the script - check for text or whitespace outside PHP tags, or calls to functions that output text) in your script on line 1

Did someone experience the same problem. I've looked through 'Bugs' section it's written that the 'Header warning message' is smth related to configuration. It isn't bug.

That's it. I'm not a PHP or MySQL wizard to figure out this. Can someone help?

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