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 Cups configuration
Author: DavidMath 
Date:   19-10-03 21:24

i'm trying to configure CUPs under freebsd like it said in, and
when i try to access

links http://localhost:631/admin

the answer is: "unauthorized" "this server could not verify that you're authorized to access the resource"

and with opera (in my workstation) i can acess, anyone know why i cant access it with links, and what i have to do to access it (i dont want to put X in the server only to access the url, because links doesnt work) :(


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 Re: Cups configuration
Author: Nate Johnson 
Date:   23-10-03 22:47

No need to install X. I am having the same problem using an X browser (Konqueror).

I had this same issue the last time I installed FreeBSD, and I found a web discussion saying that the CUPS port somehow forgot to create a few directories and maybe one of them had wrong permissions --I can't remember exactly.

I followed the workaround instructions (creating the directories) and it worked most of the time.

Now I can't find the instructions to get it working again. It was a month ago or more, so maybe the port is fixed by now?


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 Re: Cups configuration
Author: Droid 
Date:   12-11-03 07:24

mkdir -p /var/spool/cups/
mkdir -p /var/spool/cups/tmp
chmod 777 /var/spool/cups/ /var/spool/cups/tmp
I have some error in "Model/Driver for lp0" :



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 Re: Cups configuration
Author: beardie 
Date:   26-03-05 13:45

hi im havin the same problem, whilst trying to access the admin sections of the cups html configs, anyone help???

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