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Author: Benjamin Voigt 
Date:   10-10-00 14:39

I haven't bought any FreeBSd CD in my life, but when I created my own CD's I used the first one for the base system, and the hole
binary ports collection went on CD 2 - X starting with "/packages/all/A*" and finishing
with "/packages/all/z*". If I were looking for a binary port say "root-kit-2.3.10" I went to
a CD which coverd "r" in its package interval. I think the most FreeBSD off-line distros are made up by much the same way, but they should put a "INDEX" file on each CD in "/packages/all", if they don't "/stand/sysinstall" will have trouble finding anything.
But there is a much better way to update ports, use CVsup and make the ports on our own, that gurantees to have the lates stable port and, since you get everything as source, reduces trafic. It's also much more flexible if you need to patch/fix some sofware manualy.
As to the "toolkits" tell us some thing about what's on those CDs, they may by network tools, web-applications or eventualy development tools.

remove "_" from my mail.

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