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 vr0: watchdog timeout
Author: W. Casama 
Date:   01-08-00 03:17

Alright, this one has me stuck...

When I'm trying to ftp to my machine within my local network, I'm having problems downloading anything from my server.

I will recieve maybe about 1k of the file then the connection seems to just QUIT. When I have a look @ the console, I notice the message 'vro: watchdog timeout' repeated numerous times. At this point, I can't ping outside if the box or anything... seems like the NIC dropped out. Could this have anything to do with having a collision over the network and the box is timing out for too long?

Anyhow, after a while I can start pinging my other computers again... The message still keeps showing up 'till I reboot, but I can't see/ping any sites outside of my LAN.

Here's the weirdest part of all though... I never have this problem when I'm transferring (uploading or downloading) to the machine in question from outside of my internal network from the internet.

** 2 minutes later **

Hmm... I've tried changing the ports on my hub around, but no difference. Both machines are using the same NIC... Set up for the net w/ the same constants (DNS, domain, etc)

uhhh... HELP!

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 RE: vr0: watchdog timeout
Author: Ed Eastridge 
Date:   07-10-00 18:18

I'm having the same problems with mine, only in my case, it's dc0. From the limited research I've been able to do, I do believe the problem is irq related. You need to find out what irq your nic should have and set it in the bios or the system setup. That should clear up the problem. So if anyone should happen to know what irq's Daviscomm nics like, especially on machines that have a daviscomm and a 3c905TX (xl0), I'd appreciate that. :)


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