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 VPN and port 1723
Author: Noah 
Date:   18-09-00 20:04

I have a server ver 4.1 that has 10 routable and 10 non-routable addresses bound to it. The NATD is running great for the service of FTP HTTP ICQ POP3 SMTP and so on. The problem I am getting on the VPN clients are timeout. They never connect. This only occurs when I try to send more than one client to one server on the non-routable addresses. See syntax for VPN;

interface xl0
redirect_proto 43 216.190..XXX.XXX
redirect_port tcp 216.190.XXX.XXX:1723

The other service that route or NAT the routable IP to other servers for FTP HTTP and so on work fine and we have about 12 servers working great.

Can someone help on the VPN error?


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 RE: VPN and port 1723
Author: Paul Coyne 
Date:   25-09-00 02:51

This is not fixed in libalias according the the mailing list archives. I assume you are doing pptp and can have one client connect but the next one fails.

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 RE: VPN and port 1723
Author: Kanji T Bates 
Date:   25-09-00 10:26

There's a dedicated keyword in natd for PPTP called "pptpalias" which you should try using ...

redirect_port tcp 1723

I have such a setup on a few boxes where I haven't been able to convince people to abandon their OSes of choice for any of the BSDs. ;)

Don't remember -- and am too lazy to check this late at night -- whether that does the same as "redirect_proto 47" though ( I see you're using 43 which is prolly your problem if that t'weren't a typo ).

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