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 Newbie Question on ISP Dialup Config
Author: orb451 
Date:   13-09-00 18:02

Hello all, I'm running FreeBSD 4.1 on a PII 400, dual booting with Win 98 (gross!). I'm having extreme difficulty setting up the frickin' modem! I've got a Zoom 56K modem installed on what windoze calls COM3, from what I read in FreeBSD manuals I should be calling this device either /dev/cuaa2 or /dev/cuaa3. I've tried the #dmesg | grep sio or something like that command to query BSD to see if it recognizes the modem, but as of yet the output from that talking about IRQ 4 is not bitmapped or some junk (forgive me since I'm obviously not at my system) and that's about it... no other messages and I can't find a resource to tell me to configure the sio/si0 ports so they at least see my modem, or if the output the dmesg supplies are in fact telling me that the modem is in and everything is cool. I've tried the ppp.conf file and ppp.linkup and so forth, with no results. Specifically I start with the simple pppd command and roll up into the Daemon, next I try plugging in some settings so it knows where and what to dial and everytime I get the stupid "device is not recognized or not setup" or some mess like that. All the PPP docs I've found are great and very detailed on various setup options but they don't tell me how I can overcome the initial obstacle of getting the modem recognized, configured and functioning. If anyone knows of a resource or a method to knock this out, I'd appreciate it. Essentially I'm just trying to get on the net (dial-up wise) for business reasons and the sooner I get this up and running the sooner I can get back to business!

Thanks for any help or advice,


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 RE: Newbie Question on ISP Dialup Config
Author: Ruddee 
Date:   14-09-00 15:33

You might try your modem connected to com2 (cuaa1).

com3 / com1 uses the same irq and things get confusing if you have a mouse plugged into com1.


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 RE: Newbie Question on ISP Dialup Config
Author: Don Brearley 
Date:   23-09-00 01:58

Its probable you have a winmodem, as Windows reserves com3 for winmodems.

AFAIK winmodems arent supported.

- Don

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