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 stunnel:bind address prob
Author: vj 
Date:   18-02-03 11:10

we are having a problem with stunnel(v4.04).after building the sources we configured as said(on various sites).then we tried to check the port forwarding with a telnet client trying to log in at ip:443 nad in the config file we gave as:

shouldn't this work? bcoz when we check the logs we find that all the procedures are going fine untill it stops at :
error binding https to ip:443
bind:address already in use

plz help

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 Re: stunnel:bind address prob
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   18-02-03 12:20

My mind works bettter whn I'm reading real words. So please help me to help you. You know what to do.

The key is "bind:address already in use". Something is already using port 443. My guess: you're running https on that port already.

Your choice: what do you want listening on port 442? stunnel? Or apache?

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 Re: stunnel:bind address prob
Author: milkdady 
Date:   18-02-03 19:03


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 Re: stunnel:bind address prob
Author: vj 
Date:   19-02-03 04:33

thanks dan,
but now i want to stunnel to listen to 443(https) and yes i checked apache conf files too..they aren't listening to 443(i confirmed with lsof,netstat -a).when i tested stunnel to listen to 9999 the client side was able to talk to server( not without prompting for certificate warnings since its self-signed ;)). but the connection was soon broken(i used telnet to connect to 9999).

now i want to know 2 things:
1)how do i make stunnel to listen to 443(bcoz my primary aim is to let client to have SSL connection which is to served by my server with normal http w/o touching it).

2)why did the connection break initially?

thanks in advance


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