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 [firewall] small subset of a real ip range
Author: Harrison Caudill 
Date:   13-02-03 18:39

I'm working in one of the physics labs and CNS (Computing Networking Services) keeps getting on our case about unprotected computers running default old installs done by physics majors, of redhat, or debian. I'd, under normal circumstances, just throw up a firewall running natd like I have running at home, but that would interfere with the Matlab lisence(sp?) server. I'd like for the computers to be able to maintain their current, real ip addresses. What I'd like to do is have a computer that sits between the outside world and the lab and just allows or disallows packets through based on the following ipfw rules:

#allow ssh, outgoing, and dns
allow all from (internal computers) to any via ${oif} setup
allow tcp from any 22 to any 22 #allow ssh to all computers
allow udp from any 53 to any 53 #allow dns querying

# Deny non-existent internal networks
deny log all from to any
deny log all from to any
deny log all from to any

# Deny Microsoft...<evil grin>
deny log all from
deny log all from any to

my biggest problem right now is how to ifconfig the inside interface. That interface should ONLY be used to talk to a specific list of computers...

any suggestions?
thanks in advance

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 Re: [firewall] small subset of a real ip range
Author: bb 
Date:   13-02-03 19:46

deny microsoft :)

love that

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 Re: [firewall] small subset of a real ip range
Author: Scott 
Date:   24-02-03 14:21

Use freebsd as a bridging firewall.

This link explains how to get the firewall to bridge traffic from outside to inside, disallowing specific ports, etc. but without using nat.

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