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 defaultLinux emulation
Author: cjm 
Date:   11-09-00 16:29


Hoping some one can offer a newbie some insight...

Just installed FreeBSD on 3 old machines at home this weekend to try it out:

One 486sx with 16 MB ram as dialup gateway/router/DNS running version 3.2

One 486sx with 8 MB ram as workstation/Xterminal (off existing Linux application server) also running 3.2.

One P150 with 24 MB ram as workstation/Xterminal running version 4.0.

So far, it appears as if FreeBSD provides a significant performance boost over the former Linux installs on these machines.

The gateway transfers data about 10% faster than it did running Slackware 4.0 with a "router compiled kernel" and never swaps.

The 486sx workstation uses less swap according to "top," cold boots much more quickly, loads X faster, and doesn't lock up or crash X like it did when switching between gui console and text vt's when running RedHat 6.0.

The P150 ran fine with both Slackware 7.0 and Redhat 6.1, but uses less swap and loads applications in less time under FreeBSD 4.0.

These are simply my observations and subjective opinions based on using the machines for a day -- I'm not an expert and wouldn't know how to run benchmark tests if I wanted to.

But now, I'm wondering about my office. We run Linux on everything and some of the machines (configured as application servers for Xterminal workstations) are really overworked. We have to run Star Office 5.2 ("/net" install).

The only Star Office references I have seen refer to 5.1 and that doesn't give adequate Office 2000 compatibility (we get a lot of XLS spreadsheets sent to us).

I don't have enough disk space on any of these boxes to try it, and I don't really want to trash a production machine for an experiment...So, the question is, (questions are?):

How well does Star Office 5.2 work under FreeBSD, if it works at all; does it work under FreeBSD 3.2, or do I need 4.x; and will you bear with me for having made far too long a post?



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cjm 11-09-00 16:29 

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