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 _secure_path: cannot stat /home/.../.login_conf
Author: Tim McEnroe 
Date:   10-02-03 16:45

Hello to all of you.
I came into work this morning to find my unix server giving me the message users sshd[95824]: _secure_path: cannot stat /home/USERNAME/.login_conf: Permission denied

The effects so far include not being able to sign in as any user other than root or member of wheel group. If an attempt is made, the user gets a message saying that /usr/local/bin/tcsh was not found. It is there though. Also, no one can get to their homepage using

Do you guys have any clue as to what have might happened? And how to possibly fix it?

In advance, thank you very much for any light you can shine on this subject

Tim M

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 Re: _secure_path: cannot stat /home/.../.login_conf
Author: .daniel.schrock 
Date:   10-02-03 18:10

is /home a separate partition, or a nfs mount?
is it currently mounted?

did someone recently do any maintenance, such as a cvsup?
did the system crash over the weekend?

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 Re: _secure_path: cannot stat /home/.../.login_conf
Author: Tim McEnroe 
Date:   10-02-03 19:18

Hey Dan, thanks for the quick response
From what I'm told, no one touched the system this weekend. /home is in it's own partition

We've been checking the logs all morning for indications of an abnormal reboot or anything else to give us a clue, but haven't found anything useful.

In addition to the initial error message I posted, if you try to log on through telnet as an ordinary user, you get a message saying that /usr/local/bin/tsch doesn't exist (all users are using the tsch and the file certainly does exist).

I even tried creating new users, to see if they were affected...sure enough they were. Only when I created a user with his group set to wheel could I get him online through telnet. It really seems like a permission issue, but I cannot find any 'misplaced' permissions.

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 Re: _secure_path: cannot stat /home/.../.login_conf
Author: .daniel.schrock 
Date:   10-02-03 21:27

are you sure tcsh is located /usr/local/bin?

mine is /bin/tcsh, which is the default version included in freebsd.

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 Re: _secure_path: cannot stat /home/.../.login_conf
Author: Colk 
Date:   11-02-03 06:54

Check every permision from / to tsch make sure other has rx to the directories here is a example

drwxr-xr-x 26 root wheel 512 Jan 30 07:25 usr
drwxr-xr-x 17 root wheel 512 Feb 1 08:46 local

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