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 Hmmm... 4.7 wireless install from only flopppies?
Author: Paul Warner 
Date:   07-02-03 17:02

<p>I have an annoying situation - I bought a lovely little laptop
(Toshiba 320CT - 64Mb, 4Gb drive) and picked up a Linksys wireless
NIC, and running Windows 2K on it. It performs fine enough because I normally go upstairs to use my Linux box for anything serious.
<p>I was just recently laid off, turned off the heat in the attic, and have decided that I need to make more use of this laptop as either an X-Terminal or at least nicer memory-friendly applications ...
<p>I researched and planned on putting Linux on the beast, but found that there would be too much work and effort (I'm trying to minimize downtime) to get it working.
<p>Several people suggested that I run FreeBSD, and I agreed - it seems to have what I need, and they seemed to think that it is possible to install and be up and running quickly. I've used FreeBSD before and found it to be quite pleasant to work with. So I've decided to roll up my sleeves and go for the install.
<p>D'oh! 4.7 (which I was advised to use because of stability issues in 5.0) didn't seem to have those extra drivers for if_wi.
<p>I went google hunting and read your article. So I realized that
I could just burn the CDs, pop them in, walk through the installation, get the driver set up for this NIC, and then I'd be set. No such luck.
<p>My CD burner was pooched. It has decided in the past month to stop being able to see CDs in it. Negatively good indeed.
<p>I went newsgroup and google hunting and found your article. Sounds good, but I was hoping to apply your procedure to a 4.7 build, and would like to just clarify a few points.
<li>If I do get the magic floppies popped in, beast booted, what are the chances that my Linksys NIC will get recognized?
<li>When you were configuring the NIC devices, those weren't being configured with an existing AP and WEP setup correct?
<li>If in my case which has the WEP, I'll have to make other adjustments in the procedure to the wi configuration with all the good stuff that I need correct?
<li>All that in mind, then I should be able to groove soon enough?

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