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 Bandwidth monitoring
Author: h0bbit 
Date:   22-01-03 22:01

Setting up some performance monitoring scripts (CPU, Swap, Memory) to do some MRTG graphing.... how can i get my bandwidth statistics on what my NIC cards are doing IN / Out octets and such... netstat only provided me with # of packets info.


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 Re: Bandwidth monitoring
Author: .daniel.schrock 
Date:   23-01-03 00:03

you really don't need scripts.
SNMP can do all of that for you. when compiling net-snmp, run configure with the `--with-mib-modules="host"`.
you also use snmp for traffic monitoring.

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 Re: Bandwidth monitoring
Author: h0bbit 
Date:   23-01-03 00:17

well poopy =(
I was hoping there was an easier way. with using snmpd i am gonna have to make and push a package specifying snmp to run off the local loopback (they live in a hostile environment) and then use it for stat collection.

thanks for you time

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 Re: Bandwidth monitoring
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   23-01-03 11:28

Perhaps Netsaint or Nagios has something.

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 Re: Bandwidth monitoring
Author: William Suffill 
Date:   24-01-03 03:10

You could also try There is a script there for doing it with trafd. Personal preference as to what method. Long term SNMP probably a good idea.

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 Re: Bandwidth monitoring
Author: kpacka 
Date:   28-01-03 00:05

You may want to look at phpsysinfo. It displays a bunch of useful info. And if you won't end up using the package, you could at least look at the source to see how it gets the #s.

Homepage at
Demo on a FBSD box at

Oh yeah, it's also in the ports under WWW:

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 Re: Bandwidth monitoring
Author: Leroy 
Date:   15-02-03 12:06

A perl script which uses firewall chains to count the traffic. You might want to port it to BSD.

Example output
============== - Traffic Volume Logger 0.xb 5 May 2002
|Day Mnt In GB Out GB|
| 3 Aug - 5.8 - 15.5 |
| 4 Aug - 7.9 - 21.9 |
| 5 Aug - 3.9 - 5.1 |
| -----+ -----+|
Month Aug total | 101.7GB= 30.3 + 71.4||

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