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 Re: First time Colocating
Author: .daniel.schrock 
Date:   21-01-03 19:42

i assume you are running NAT on your home network. I would suggest changing the server and testing it on the home network before shipping it out...

NAT isn't just for translating private addresses, it can also be used to translate publics ... under normal circumstances, there is no point in translating pubics, but in this case, its perfect for testing....

change your NAT setup so that it emulates your colo-network...
ie: the inside interface gets x.y.z.105....
then config the rest accordingly...
the new servers will work fine as long as they are public servers... no need to wait on that one....

just pray that you don't lose a disk while shipping...
since the place is only 4 hours away, have you thought about delivering it yourself?

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