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 First time Colocating
Author: Matt Morley 
Date:   20-01-03 15:40

I'm about to colo my first machine. The datacenter is close enough for me to visit if something goes really wrong, but is still a 4 hour trip by car. I'm going to configure the system before I ship it and since I have never colo'd before, I'm more than a bit nervous and excited. Would you guys take a look at these changes (extra eye's will make me feel much better).

My Network:
Default Gateway:
Available IPs for client network: - (inclusive)
Name Servers:

ifconfig_rl0="inet netmask"


Colo Network:
Default Gateway: x.y.z.105
Available IPs for client network: x.y.z.106 - x.y.z.110 (inclusive)
Network: x.y.z.104
Broadcast: x.y.z.111
Name Servers: a.b.c.2, a.b.d.102

ifconfig_rl0="inet x.y.z.106 netmask"

nameserver a.b.c.2
nameserver a.b.c.102

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 Re: First time Colocating
Author: Jordan 
Date:   21-01-03 18:46

Looks ok to me,
good luck

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 Re: First time Colocating
Author: .daniel.schrock 
Date:   21-01-03 19:42

i assume you are running NAT on your home network. I would suggest changing the server and testing it on the home network before shipping it out...

NAT isn't just for translating private addresses, it can also be used to translate publics ... under normal circumstances, there is no point in translating pubics, but in this case, its perfect for testing....

change your NAT setup so that it emulates your colo-network...
ie: the inside interface gets x.y.z.105....
then config the rest accordingly...
the new servers will work fine as long as they are public servers... no need to wait on that one....

just pray that you don't lose a disk while shipping...
since the place is only 4 hours away, have you thought about delivering it yourself?

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 Re: First time Colocating
Author: .daniel.schrock 
Date:   21-01-03 19:43



/me hangs his head in shame

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 Re: First time Colocating
Author: lil_pup 
Date:   23-01-03 00:23

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 Re: First time Colocating
Author: Matt Morley 
Date:   24-01-03 14:19

I hadn't thought of using NAT for that, but you are right that it is a perfect use.

The machine got there in one piece and started up fine, don't think I've ever been so anxious and nervous as the same time over a computer.

Thank you for looking at the config and your suggestions.


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 Re: First time Colocating
Author: .daniel.schrock 
Date:   24-01-03 17:13

Glad to hear it!
NAT is a great way to test things out without having to run offline...

treat everything in front of the NAT interface as the internet, regardless of whether it is local or not. Everything behind the NAT interface is the test network.

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