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 Re: Ports, packages and upgrade..
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   20-01-03 00:36

Fallen wrote:
> Hello,
> 1 - The pkg_version command says that my packages need
> upgrading. But how can I do that?

Look for portupgrade on this website.

> 2 - What are the advantages of upgrading the system to a new
> version?

Read the release notes for the version you are upgrading to.

> Isn't just upgrading the ports tree and the software
> enough?

The ports tree is just your applications. It does not upgrade the operating system.

> How long does it takes to upgrade a slow system?

It depends. My guess: more than an hour. Less than a day. Depending on how well your first time goes. And what you are upgrading to/from.

> 3 - I get a "Cannot open makefile. Error code 2" message when
> I try to install xmms-midi. What can I do?

What command did you issue? From what directory?

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