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 Re: books...?
Author: grog|e 
Date:   14-01-03 13:14

Dan Langille wrote:
> Do you mean "Absolute BSD: The Ultimate Guide to FreeBSD" by
> M Lucas? Both books are good. Take whichever one you prefer.

No I mean "FreeBSD: The Complete Reference" by Roderick W. Smith (Paperback - 900 pages (1 January, 2003) Osborne McGraw-Hill; ISBN: 0072224096 Its only just been published, or thats what amazon say anyway. I think its part of a "The Complete Reference" series. Well, it clearly *is* part of a series of books called "The Complete Reference", so maybe that gives some small basis on which to make a judgement, even tho its so new that its probably not been read by anyone ;)

Really that is the defining factor of my dilemma: do I go for a book thats well established and trusted, but getting a little bit old, or something brand new but untested?

> You know the author of The Complete FreeBDS (Greg Lehey) is
> also known as grog?

No, I didnt. That explains some of the wierd responces Ive been getting on IRC then :/

regards, grog|*E*

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