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 Re: Dual WAN Backbone
Author: Victoria Chan 
Date:   13-01-03 19:01

No VLan switched unfortunately. There is a private subnet that we use internally of and the defaultroute goes to the FreeBSD box doing this dual WAN thing. The defaultroute for the private LAN is not the issue, but how does one go about putting a different default route for each WAN-A & WAN-B? I thought rc.conf sets up defaultrouter for system wide.

My intention is not to load balance at all but for redundancy of DNS & MX. WAN-A is for public access and WAN-B is for NAT LAN and tertiary DNS & MX backup. I am very happy to have IPNAT go through WAN-B as it has a higher bandwidth.

Another wrinkle is WAN-B uses DHCP, but even when I forced a hard-coded IP to it, so that I have full control the defaultroute, WAN-A becomes inaccessible from public when I use defaultroute for WAN-B, and when I use defaultroute for WAN-A, the IPNAT stops working.

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