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 the nonsense has to stop....
Author: .daniel.schrock 
Date:   10-01-03 05:12

Dan, this site has been a great help in my adventures in freebsd... unfortunately, the quality of posts has declined, which i believe is due to that fact that people can post without needing an account .

The frequency of BS posts has been steadily increasing and the latest POS takes the cake... WTF is a post about babysitting employment doing here?

I understand that you want the site to be available to everyone and I understand that I am under no obligation to visit the diary....
but... i like this site... i like helping people get through issues they may be having... I like reading peoples solutions...
I like everything about it, except for the utter crap that has somehow been drawn here...

Maybe it is too much of an undertaking to add authentication, but I think it is something that should be considered...

Just my $.02
Thanks for your hard work so far... i wouldn't be where i am today without the diary... i just hope it can regain the quality that it once had....

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 the nonsense has to stop....   new
.daniel.schrock 10-01-03 05:12 
 Re: the nonsense has to stop....   new
Dan Langille 10-01-03 13:12 

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