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 keys changed on keyboard
Author: Vinny 
Date:   01-01-03 11:26

Dear Support,

I am facing with the problem of someone unbeknown to me has changed the keys on my keyboard i.e. the letter "i" on my keyboard has now changed to "5" when i press it. Not all the keys has been changed, just some. Is there anyway that i may reverse this problem. Any assistance that you may provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


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 Re: keys changed on keyboard
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   01-01-03 14:16

Use the search facility on this website and look for keyboard. That's the only stuff I've done on what you report.

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 Re: keys changed on keyboard
Author: Matt Morley 
Date:   02-01-03 17:04

If u is 4 and o is 6 and k is 2..... sounds like your machine has moved the numeric keypad onto the keyboard (an option on some laptops). I had the same trouble and scratched my head for abour 1 hour or so once, on a laptop....

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