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 Active Connections
Author: Isaac 
Date:   13-12-02 18:20

I posted a topic regarding natd and the blocking of certain sites to my home network (my roommate is an internet gambling addict). Now my problem has branched out into another question. After figuring out how to set up firewall rules via ipfw I can successfully block incoming traffic to any ip address port combination. What Iím trying to figure out now is how to determine what ip and port this Internet gambling program runs off of. Iíve installed the client on my machine and open it (in ďfunĒ mode). Iíve tried running commands such as netstat to figure out what ip and port this program is using to connect, but to no avail. How can I figure something like this out? Sorry if this is a totally beginner question. I tend to learn on a need to know basis at this point, and all I ask is to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks, Isaac

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.daniel.schrock 13-12-02 20:08 

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