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 sorta off topic
Author: bb 
Date:   10-12-02 20:28

wondering what everyone does for their day jobs?

me im a tech support/network admin (scary i know) at a small isp here in wonderful new jersey

how bout everyone else?


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 Re: sorta off topic
Author: Aaron 
Date:   11-12-02 02:00


Owning & Running a Hosting company, sitting around and learning as much as I can to keep my servers secure at all times. And playing games in my spair time - Not to much lately thou ..


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 Re: sorta off topic
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   11-12-02 05:11

All of the Ottawa office was laid off at the end of July. I know three of the guys have work now. I'm in the same cart as several of the others: I'm looking for work.

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 Re: sorta off topic
Author: .daniel.schrock 
Date:   11-12-02 17:33

i was laid off in october. currently looking for work. learning in the meantime.

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 Re: sorta off topic
Author: bb 
Date:   11-12-02 19:12

sorry to hear that guys

yeah im stuck in my current position cause there's not many
openings around here

but i really need a raise and its not happening at this company

may have to sell out to one of the big boys after new years

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 Re: sorta off topic
Author: fianna 
Date:   12-12-02 14:31

i'm an it director, i graduate next semester with computer science... hey, whats the best job to combine my networking and unix expierence with programming... can you guys relocate... i always see jobs in NY.

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 Re: sorta off topic
Author: .daniel.schrock 
Date:   12-12-02 16:46

yea, i can, and am fully willing within reason...
the cost of living is NY (the city...not sure about the rest of the state) is way too high. I would have to find something that trippled my last salary just to break even.

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