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 SASL/IMAP is stealing my name!
Author: Cyrus Yunker 
Date:   12-12-02 03:07

Curious if anyone could suggest a solution to a small problem I've run into. Basically - I was here first. I've got a user on my box called 'cyrus' (me). I wanted to set up an IMAP server for my new domain, and I've heard good things about the one called, well, Cyrus IMAP. Easy portinstall cyrus-imap2.

When I install cyrus, the Cyrus-SASL package is installed as well. The install process tries to create a new user called cyrus. It succeeds. All of a sudden, I've got a new name and a new home directory (/usr/local/cyrus instead of /home/cyrus)! The 'pw' command does not balk at all. It just makes the change.

Is this a problem with the port, or just a fact of life?

I'd like to make the port use something like cyrussasl or cyrusimap for a user/group name instead. Can I do this in /etc/make.conf or is there a ports/pkg config file where I change this? Do I need to just search and replace in /etc/ports/mail/cyrus-sasl2 before I portinstall?

Not sure what to do. Please advise. It would be much appreciated.

I'm curious also about what is current thought regarding sendmail vs. postfix. I'd just like to run a box on a few domains and receive email for myself and a few friends, making them availible via IMAP. Also, maybe Cyrus-IMAP is not the best choice. It seems to be fully featured, but I'm worried it may be too "configuration-hungary" for my needs. Is cyrus worth it?

Thanks for your advise.

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 Re: SASL/IMAP is stealing my name!
Author: Cyrus Yunker 
Date:   04-02-03 23:11

This has been fixed in the ports by "ume." He added variables $CYRUS_USER and $CYRUS_GROUP that can be used to configure what user and group sasl uses. Much thanks and I can keep my login!

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