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 ipfw and dial up net connection +1 violent student
Author: inflexion 
Date:   02-09-00 15:13

Current system: -

FreeBSD 3.1-release on a P120 with 2 500 MB drives, acting as a small proxy server for an internal home network.

Two NICs, ed0 and ed2. ed0 is connected to my internal fake domain, network. ed2 was installed to create a crossing between ed0 and ed2 which would be firewalled (dual homed, so I believed).

I currently use ppp to dial and connect to my ISP. I require an HTTP proxy (Squid) port 3128 and 1080, IRC and FTP direct access (149 and 20/21 I believe). The problem is, I do not understand how to route between ed0, ed2 and ppp. Here is the picture: -

internal system request --> (this box) ed0 --> ed2 --> ppp ---> ISP.

I have configured the machine to be a gateway, and will firewall packets flowing between ed0 and ed2; is this a good idea or should I simply disregard ed2 and use ed0 and ppp, and firewall connections between those? - I cannot figure out how to firewall connections between ppp and ed0, since the "oif" settings require an IP address - an IP which is assigned to me on dialing with ppp.

Please note - Squid and ppp worked fine by themselves, using ed0 and ppp only, with the "add default HISADDR" option in ppp.conf.

How should I approach this situation? - all you hardened money-earners seem to have dedicated internet connections, and most of the documents available seem to reflect this.

Cheers all in advance.

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 RE: ipfw and dial up net connection +1 violent stu
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   02-09-00 22:42

> hardened money-earners


No where do you mean what you are using as a firewall. I'm guessing you are using natd/ipfw becuase you mentioned "oif".

I know what I do with ipnat/ipf (my preferred nat/packet filter). I set the IP address to Have you tried that?

Next option: don't use rc.firewall. Write your own rules, using that as a base. And don't refer to an ip address. Just refer to your tun0 interface. e.g.:

ipfw add 100 allow ip from any to any via tun0
ipfw add 50 divert 8668 ip from any to any via tun0

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 RE: ipfw and dial up net connection +1 violent stu
Author: elliot 
Date:   13-09-00 01:43

i'm trying to remember, but according to the man page
use ppp -alias, not nat

if you need more help, let me know, i have done it on several occasions

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