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Author: Matt Morley 
Date:   06-12-02 20:14

I'm about to collocate my first freebsd box outside my home network. I've been using other hosts for years, but this is my first colo box of my own.

I know some of you here colo freebsd boxes, so I'm looking for `words from the wise`.

I haven't shipped the box out yet, and have a few weeks to do as much as possible to make things run smoothly when it arrives. My home network is mainly freebsd so I know about making it headless, disabling unneeded services, etc.

The issues that are still sticky in my mind are time, data integrity, and firewalling.

I'm in EST and the server will be out in California. Chances are I'm going to run the server in GMT/UT and sync with time server. Any pro's/con's beside the user management?

I'm going to get an ide raid card and mirror the main drive, and/or setup some type of shadow drive. The data on the drives is not mission critical by any stretch, but getting it back quickly to running condition is very important. I've already arranged for off-site backups to live machines and am contemplating adding a shadow drive which can be used during failure of both mirrored drives. Do you guys use shadow drives (basically rsync'd during quiet times on the server)? or have other suggestions?

I'm probably going to setup a firewall on this machine to really close unneeded ports. Do any of you do this on your `non-firewall only` machines?
Matt Morley (MPCM)

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