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 manage DHCLIENT log
Author: Shupez 
Date:   05-12-02 13:31


I have an xDSL modem at home with DHCP from my ISP.
I want to put the info from DHCLIENT in a separate logfile (like dhclient.log in /var/log/ ) but in SYSLOG.CONF i cant get it to work.. what should I type there ?

The reason...Every 9th minute I get a broadcast from DHCLIENT in /VAR/LOG/messages... kind of annoying.

Iīve tried something like this in "syslog.conf" but then it didnīt put a single log in "/var/log/messages"

#!dhclient.* /var/log/dhclient

Help please !


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 Re: manage DHCLIENT log
Author: .daniel.schrock 
Date:   05-12-02 16:34

you need to fnd out what which log facility and priority it is using, then adjust your syslog.conf to fileter them out.

here is an example, using dhcpd. Dhcpd logs to facility local7 for all prioritys. i want this to go to /var/log/dhcpd.log, not var/log/messages. the syslog.conf to do this would be:

*.notice;auth.*;<b>local7.none</b> /var/log/messages


# dhcpd logs to its own log
<b>local7.*</b> /var/log/dhcpd.log

/var/log/messages gets a lot of crap that should be filtered out and put somewhere else.
to find out the facilities of other apps, give run syslogd with '-vv' flag. This will print the facility and priority on the line. It helps greatly when trying to organize your logs.

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