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 smtp - qmail
Author: Aaron 
Date:   04-12-02 14:07


I run qmail with vpopmail and tcpserver. Yesterday I started to get three or more of these proccesses contently /var/qmail/bin/qmail-smtpd, and I noticed that it's eating up my incoming bandwidth. I think it was a user that was trying to use there website and my smtp to relay files some how. I closed there account, and shut down the mail server. I deleted the que and started it back up. All was good for a while, then the proccesses came back. I check the qmail logs which don't show no activity. It's like some one is sending packets through to my smtp to use my bandwidth.

I did a

netstat -a which shows

tcp4 0 56 myserver.smtp ESTABLISHED
tcp4 0 49 myserver.smtp FIN_WAIT_1
tcp4 0 49 myserver.smtp FIN_WAIT_1

I did a trace on IP with no results. It's like it not in use.

If anyone has any Idea's, please reply.

Best Regards


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