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 VirtualHost bandwidth metering
Author: Lucas Reddinger 
Date:   27-11-02 00:25

I will be colocating a server and selling accounts on it. I will be running Apache 1.3. I only get 16 IPs, so I will be hosting multiple domains on a single IP using Apache's VirtualHost directive.

To properly bill each account for the bandwidth they use, I need a bandwidth metering program. I have seen programs and daemons that can meter bandwidth per IP, but I need something that can show me each VirtualHost's usage. A daemon that also includes ProFTPd VirtualHost usage would be even better.

Any help is greatly appriciated.


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 Re: VirtualHost bandwidth metering
Author: .daniel.schrock 
Date:   27-11-02 00:38

i've seen this done with Cisco NetFlow.
all freeware bandwidth monitors require a unique ip to be assigned to each domain.

you may be able to fake it by creating a caching web server on the front end, then giving private addresses to every client. you would have to tweak the cache parameters to get the box to query the internal server for every request, but it 'may' work.

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 Re: VirtualHost bandwidth metering
Author: Lucas Reddinger 
Date:   27-11-02 00:49

Yeah, I kinda see where you're going.

But, there are tons of hosts (including the one I'm hosted on right now) that accomplish this well. They run CPanel as their control panel, but I don't think it can meter the bandwidth in this way. I guess I might have to give each user a unique IP. I only have 16, so they would go fast, then I'd have to pay for more.

Is there a Apache mod or anything out there? There must be a program. I'm gonna try talking to my host about it. But they have a dedicated server, so I'm not sure that they know themselves. :)

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 Re: VirtualHost bandwidth metering
Author: .daniel.schrock 
Date:   27-11-02 01:53

another thing you could do, though it would require more work on your end, would be to use a site log monitor and ipfm, then extrapolate the bandwidth usage out of that. It would be a lot more work for you, but i haven't been able to find a real solution that for free (i was looking for this same thing a few months ago but it was for curiosity purposes. i don't charge for hosting on the understanding that if the box is down, the box is down until its back up)

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