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 o.s. at risk?
Author: mr. paranoid 
Date:   13-02-00 21:53

Call me mr. paranoid. I dunno if this forum is for such topics, but i feel best to get it off my chest. Now in this Sunday's newspaper, an article talks about our friends down in Washington D.C. headed by your pal & mine - Bill Clinton - are establishing an internet nightmare - gestapo type regulations for more (if not total) control of the 'net. If this happens, we can all surrender. Suppose that a situation occurs that to get an instant leg up on anyone doing what the government deems
illegal, they can slip a type of stealth program into an o.s. (FreeBSD/Linux, etc) where anything we write for a script then sent over the net sends a 'signal' to the NSA or one of the other fed buildings. Before anyone says impossible - remember the NSA was created out of thin air - with a multi-billion dollar secret black budget for doing things none of us can ever fathom. No wonder all the nations hate our guts - who can blame them for government sticking its' nose into everything...

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 o.s. at risk?   new
mr. paranoid 13-02-00 21:53 
 RE: o.s. at risk?   new
Daniel Schrock 28-05-00 14:54 

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