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 DNS behind a firewall
Author: Justin Plock 
Date:   29-08-00 07:45

I think this is possible, but i'm not entirely sure...I'm trying to setup a Windows 2000 box and a FreeBSD box behind my Linksys Cable/DSL router. I have bind/dns installed on the FreeBSD and it want it to act as the dns for my webserver which I will also be running on there.

My ips are as follows: = router = win2k = freebsd

i want to be able to access my domain name, and i'll use the port forwarding features of the router to forward the port 80 requests to my freebsd box. I am also forwarding port 53 (dns port i'm assuming) to that box as well. Internally, everything works, but my problem is getting the dns to go outside of the firewall. what other ports does dns use that could be holding up the problem, if this is even possible. thanks.

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