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 Optimizing FreeBSD
Author: rich 
Date:   23-08-00 22:35

How do I? is the basic question. I've looked on the net for stuff, but I can't find much. There aren't any really good FreeBSD books. And LINT kernel conf file is littered with undocumented options. How do I optimize my stuff?

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 RE: Optimizing FreeBSD
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   24-08-00 08:41

Optimize it for what?

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 RE: Optimizing FreeBSD
Author: rich 
Date:   25-08-00 03:40

Good point. Out of frustration, I was unclear. But I really haven't been able to find any tuning info, so in some ways it was a general request. Just strange when my local technical bookstore has 20 RedHat books, 6 different distros,and not a single FreeBSD book. Neither {Net|Open}BSD for that matter.

I have a bunch of machines running FreeBSD that I'm using for webservers. I'd like to be able to tune the kernel for stuff for teh net. I know maxusers is a pretty big knob to change. It even says that, you're better off tuning things individually. But what?
NMBCLUSTERS. Everything says to tune that, but what algorithm? what should it be for a heavy webserver. How do I find out in user level what NMBCLUSTERS is, and if I have a starvation problem? This is in the undocumented section of LINT kernel config file.
NSFBUFS. I don't think this applies to me, Apache doesn't use sendfile() in the code. But what else does? Should I tune?
The PQ_[CACHE] values in LINT. What does that do? It mentions "option for VM subsystem", that's it. It appears to optimize some cache for small medium or large cache. Which cache? How do I determine my size?
NBUF, totally undocumented in LINT. What's it do?

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 RE: Optimizing FreeBSD
Author: elliot 
Date:   27-08-00 12:01

i'm presuming you mean optimize for apache. apache's web site has some platform specific tips. but i always crank up the number of max users (usually 128 to 256) on any box, not just servers. i doubt i helped very much, but my two bits.

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 RE: Optimizing FreeBSD
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   27-08-00 13:03

I suggest you try the ISP mailing list at

I think what you want may be a bit beyond the scope of this forum.

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