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 Omstall Boot Manager AFTER the fact
Author: Jay 
Date:   15-08-00 15:17

I have a box that was acting as a Win 2000 server, booting off the master drive on the Primary IDE channel of a Promise Ultra 66 Card. There is also a 2nd Data drive as master on the secondary IDE channel of this card. Both are NTFS.

I wanted to try out FreeBSD, so I dropped in a 3rd drive on the native on-board IDE controller of the motherboard. Then I just go into the bios to select the boot device -- the native controller for FBSD and "Bootable Cards" for the Win 2000 installation. This worked fine, and kept both instasllations seperate so one would not mess up the other.

Well the FreeBSD tryout has gone REALLY well (I'm a unix newbie too), so now I would like to use a boot loader, so I dont have to go through the BIOS everytime to switch the boot partition. Only thing is I can't seem to find instructions on setting up the boot manger AFTER all these installations are done in standalone mode.

Ideally, I think using the Win 2000 boot loader whould be better for me, but others are not out of the question.

In the end, I'm looking for something where I can change the default boot OS from INSIDE each OS. This is because I am set up to access each remotely (SSH for FBSD and another package for Win2000), and I want to be able to change the default OS and the reboot it remotely.

Looking for a pointer somewhere to instructions for this.

Also i have a second question, why are so many unix config files using RC in the name..... Does RC stand for something?

Also a 3rd question -- there is no solution to write NTFS volumes in FBSD -- correct?

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 RE: Omstall Boot Manager AFTER the fact
Author: anonymous 
Date:   16-08-00 06:18

Check out Bootpart v2.2 at for a tool to modify the NT boot loader. The instructions deal with multibooting NT/win95/OS2/Linux, but I use it with NT workstation and FreeBSD and it works OK. I don't know about remote reboots though. Good luck.

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 RE: Omstall Boot Manager AFTER the fact
Author: Cliff 
Date:   22-08-00 08:13

Cannot answer your boot questio .. but
"rc" stands for "run commands" ... (or so it did long ago in UNIX's adolescent years..

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