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 re: Device busy
Author: Norman 
Date:   16-08-00 06:09

I have just successfully upgraded to 4.1_STABLE, apart from one minor inconsistancy. ;^ ) Which is:

"Where to put /var and /tmp" in the manual says that var ends up on the root if it is not specified anywhere else. Well unfortunately I did not know I could specify the /var directory to load up anywhere else appart from the root :^ (

But I thought by following the example and creating a symbolic link to /usr/var, this will solve the problem.

So what I did was as in the manual

# mkdir /usr/var
# cd /var
# tar cf - . (cd /usr/var; tar xf - )
# cd /
# rm -rf /var
rm: /var: Device busy

This did copy and removed all the files in /var to /usr/var, but it did not remove the /var directory, so if I tried to create the ln -s /usr/var /var, I get two var directories ie /var/var, which does not help in my cause.

Any ideas

Many thanks


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 re: Device busy
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   16-08-00 08:49

Try this in single user mode.

# shutdown now
[do what you need]
# ^d (that's control D, or just exit)

then you should be fine.

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 re: Device busy
Author: Norman 
Date:   16-08-00 21:24

Hello Dan,
Sorry I have not been in touch, I'll update you on my project next week.

Thanks for the reply, but this still has not solved the Device busy error, maybe is a problem with 4.1? or me ;^ )

I have followed everythin to the dot ... I can modify and ln -s the /tmp to /usr/tmp but not /var to /usr/var ?

I have arround 100Mb alocated to /var, I hope this is enough!



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 re: Device busy
Author: Francisco De La Cruz 
Date:   19-08-00 21:13

Did you try unmounting /var before removing it?
Remember this is initially "mounted" in one of the partitions (or slices) you created at installed...

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 re: Device busy
Author: Norman 
Date:   21-08-00 12:41

Thanks Francisco,
But how do I unmount the /var directory? ;^ ) I am not sure I know that this can be done, I know I can mount and unmount CD drives disk drives floppies etc, so I suppose if I typed unmount /var this should work ?!?!

Well I give it a try, and thanks


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