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 ipnat port forwarding not working
Author: Marco Raposo 
Date:   14-08-00 12:55

I've posted a question earlier.
I was trying to execute an one to one mapping. I want an internal machine referenced as "Services machine" to receive packets target to IP x.x.x.86 while my gateway external interface has IP x.x.x.84
The answer was to assign to my external NIC a secondary IP. (THANKS STU)

I've done that and now i'm able to ping my "internal machine" by is assigned "external" IP. In detail, now i ping x.x.x.86, the frame is "captured" by my external interface with IP x.x.x.84 and them forwarded to the right machine. However, a request no any service won't work... it seems that the IP layer is working, but not the TCP/UDP layer.

________________ NATRULES __________________

map rl0 ->
bimap rl0 ->

I've then tried a different approach and removed the bimap rule and tried to redirect the telnet port from de gateway machine to my internal machine as follows:

________________ NATRULES __________________

map rl0 ->

rdr rl0 port 23 -> port 23 tcp/udp

And the problem remains... it seems that i'm getting the redirection done, then i get no answer from the port. This behavior is apparently the same, no TCP/UDP layer forwarding/response.

______________ IP nat -l output __________________

List of active MAP/Redirect filters:
map rl0 ->
rdr rl0 port 23 -> port 23 tcp/udp

List of active sessions:
RDR 23 <- -> 23 [ 2376]
MAP 4246 <- -> 20002 [ 22]

Any suggestions?

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 RE: ipnat port forwarding not working
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   14-08-00 22:13

I think your NAT rules are incorrect. Here are mine:

map ed0 -> portmap tcp/udp 40000:65000
map ed0 ->

Just use instead of your public IP. Make sure your NAT rules are before your rdr rules.

As for rdr, they also appear to be incorrect. Here is one of mine:

rdr ed0 port 80 -> port 80

Note the lack of a mention of protocol.

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 RE: ipnat port forwarding not working
Author: Stu 
Date:   17-08-00 13:35

Tend to agree Dan

This is copy of my natrules - doing what you ask Marco - but mine works fine

map fxp1 -> 203.x.x.13/32 portmap tcp/udp 10000:40000
map fxp1 -> 203.x.x.13/32

bimap fxp1 -> 203.x.x.16/32

This does NAT and maps private addr to public addr 203.x.x.16

All protocals work fine on the bimap address.


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