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 Corrupted File Removal
Author: Kevin G 
Date:   15-08-00 09:13


I untarred a batch of files (data type: images & html pages) and the untar kind'a blew up and left a mess of files and subdirectories with names like ^D^R^K (and others that are much much longer)

These files and subdirectories are unrecognized when I try to rm, rm -r, or rm -r -f them. fsck skips right by them.

I've had similar misadventures with Windows and then I was able to clean them out in DOS mode. In this case I am assuming the ^ is a DOS carriage return symbol or some such garbage and these are portions of image files.

The tips for stripping ^M haven't worked because these are in the file names and aren't recognized, when I try I get a "file or directory not found".

So far I have received two recommendations from someone else who has experienced the same thing: live with them or reinstall. I'd rather not do either.

Ideas or suggestions anyone? Thanks in advance,
Kevin G

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 RE: Corrupted File Removal
Author: Philip 
Date:   15-08-00 18:10

what happens if you "rm -rf parentdir" where parentdir is the directory containing the files? Does that work?

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 RE: Corrupted File Removal
Author: Kevin G 
Date:   15-08-00 21:54

Removing the parent directory might be a good way to get rid of these things but I haven't tried it because they are sitting in /usr, which of course is not something i want to delete.

Kevin G

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 RE: Corrupted File Removal
Author: Philip 
Date:   16-08-00 17:53

Heh... yeah, that's a bummer...

Couple of other suggestions...

If you have pine installed, try using "pilot" (the file manager interface to pine). There have been times that has worked for me in the past.

If that doesn't work, try writing a perl script to look at the /usr directory and then if the file matches (some part of it -- make sure it's the right files though!) then delete them from within perl...

Maybe that will get around those funky characters...


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