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 Corrupted File Removal
Author: Kevin G 
Date:   15-08-00 09:13


I untarred a batch of files (data type: images & html pages) and the untar kind'a blew up and left a mess of files and subdirectories with names like ^D^R^K (and others that are much much longer)

These files and subdirectories are unrecognized when I try to rm, rm -r, or rm -r -f them. fsck skips right by them.

I've had similar misadventures with Windows and then I was able to clean them out in DOS mode. In this case I am assuming the ^ is a DOS carriage return symbol or some such garbage and these are portions of image files.

The tips for stripping ^M haven't worked because these are in the file names and aren't recognized, when I try I get a "file or directory not found".

So far I have received two recommendations from someone else who has experienced the same thing: live with them or reinstall. I'd rather not do either.

Ideas or suggestions anyone? Thanks in advance,
Kevin G

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