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 Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Through Qmail - Big Problem!!
Author: Chris Edmiston 
Date:   03-08-00 17:51

I set up qmail on my server today, and i also installed qpopper today.. The incoming mail (pop3) is recieved 100% ok from my outlook express on my windows box.

When i try to send mail out, i get "address not in list of rcpthosts or something.." i am sending and recieving from the same ip, but it's different from the ip of the box if that helps at all..

How do i clear this up???

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 RE: Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Through Qmail - Big Probl
Author: Bato 
Date:   07-08-00 07:35

You need to edit your /etc/tcp.smtp file to include the IPs from where you are going to send mail. Then you need to execute /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ cdb to rebuild that file. I don't know if you have to restart qmail after this.

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 RE: Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Through Qmail - Big Probl
Author: Qaz' 
Date:   15-08-00 04:47

Do you put you into /control/rcpthosts?

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 I have the same problem!
Author: Kyp 
Date:   22-08-00 01:00

Damn... I know the feeling. I can send anywhere within that server, but not outside! Why?!

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