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 RE: Why FreeBSD?
Author: Alan 
Date:   04-08-00 15:54

I am not going to get involved in any kind of flame war here, but let me give you my experiences. A slew of other people might talk about tcp/ip stacks and virtual memory this and development models, but let me just tell you what I have experienced. I have installed FreeBSD on about a dozen machines, and RedHat Linux 6.0 on a few machines. I am a systems administrator, with additional experience with Solaris and AIX. I also run some web hosting on the side.

Bottom Line:
FreeBSD has been easier to install. Every installation of RedHat that I have done, has had at least one annoying problem that was a pain to figure out.

FreeBSD makes it easy to install software. This might just be a preference issue, but to me the FreeBSD ports system is a good thing. All I ever have to do is make install or make deinstall, I don't have to remember arcane command line swithces for yet another utility. Also, the freshports system makes a good thing, an even better thing;)

Rock Solid Stability. I am not saying Linux is not, but I have yet to have any troubles with my web hosting boxes, or any other box the I run FreeBSD on.

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