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 vr0: watchdog timeout
Author: W. Casama 
Date:   01-08-00 03:17

Alright, this one has me stuck...

When I'm trying to ftp to my machine within my local network, I'm having problems downloading anything from my server.

I will recieve maybe about 1k of the file then the connection seems to just QUIT. When I have a look @ the console, I notice the message 'vro: watchdog timeout' repeated numerous times. At this point, I can't ping outside if the box or anything... seems like the NIC dropped out. Could this have anything to do with having a collision over the network and the box is timing out for too long?

Anyhow, after a while I can start pinging my other computers again... The message still keeps showing up 'till I reboot, but I can't see/ping any sites outside of my LAN.

Here's the weirdest part of all though... I never have this problem when I'm transferring (uploading or downloading) to the machine in question from outside of my internal network from the internet.

** 2 minutes later **

Hmm... I've tried changing the ports on my hub around, but no difference. Both machines are using the same NIC... Set up for the net w/ the same constants (DNS, domain, etc)

uhhh... HELP!

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 vr0: watchdog timeout   new
W. Casama 01-08-00 03:17 
 RE: vr0: watchdog timeout   new
Ed Eastridge 07-10-00 18:18 

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