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 The ports collection - searching
Author: Christian L. 
Date:   31-07-00 07:58

I've gone through the FreeBSD Handbook and other sites and have not been able to find an answer to my questions.

1. The tag for CVSUP'ing my system is set to RELENG_4:
*default release=cvs tag=RELENG_4

I thought the system would then download the sources to upgrade to 4.0-stable from 4.0 release. Instead it went to 4.1-stable. Is this normal?

2. Is there an easy way to find out what file belongs to what port in the ports collection? Specifically when I upgraded the fetch program has become broken (weirdness in general) and want to go back to the older version that came with 4.0-release. The trouble is I cannot find what port is belongs to.

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Christian L. 31-07-00 07:58 
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Christian L. 31-07-00 16:29 
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Dan Langille 02-08-00 03:04 

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