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 Hardware sugestions for a FreeBSD box
Author: Eric D 
Date:   22-07-00 04:56

I would like to join the wonderful world of Unix. I plan on building a new box to host FreeBSD. I would like to set it up as a DMZ host outside of my network. I am looking for sugestions on what hardware I should consider. Processor (Intel) motherboard, NIC, hard drive etc. Any sugestions would be appreciated. thanks

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 RE: Hardware sugestions for a FreeBSD box
Author: Philip 
Date:   26-07-00 17:48

If you are just joining the world, and you can find an old P133 or so for a $100, I'd get that... It probably wouldn't hurt to check the hardware lists to make sure it's compatible, but if it's a major brand (Dell say) it will most likely work. I've installed 3.4 and 4.0 on a bunch of old Dell Optiplexes from Boeing Surplus without any problems whatsoever... it's a cheap way to get into things and the machine will work fine unless you plan on running X on it (and then it might be fine).

I have a P133, 1GB ide, 64 ram (but used to be 32) at home that provides firewall, dhcp, dns, sendmail, pop, apache, ftp, ssh, vpn, natd, mysql, samba, netatalk, etc.. and it never even sweats..


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 RE: Hardware sugestions for a FreeBSD box
Author: Joe Kiser 
Date:   01-08-00 01:28

If you are planning to build one yourself, don't plan on spending more than $400. You can build a cheap 4/500Mhz system with 64 megs for that much. What are you planning to use this box for?

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 RE: Hardware sugestions for a FreeBSD box
Author: W. Casama 
Date:   01-08-00 03:02

Well, I'm running an AMD K62-500 w/ a d-link 530TX nic... 3x3gb hdds...1 meg video card (I don't really need X anyhow).

Why this gear? 1) Cheap. I got my rig for a total for $325CDN or so... 2) well... I didn't really feel like buying a p233mhz for almost the same price. 3) it's just so cool when you've never seen your processor idle time drop below 50%. 4) should I loose my sanity, I can make it into another windows machine.

I'm running it as a dedicated web server/development platform for a few CVSes and some other stuff.

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 RE: Hardware sugestions for a FreeBSD box
Author: Eric D 
Date:   03-08-00 03:01

I would like to use it as a DMZ host at first. Then as my knowledge grows, I would like to use it as a WWW server, firewall, file server etc.

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