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 RE: Newbie Needs Help with FreeBSD Ftpd Server
Author: Stu 
Date:   22-07-00 12:46

OK - use proftpd instead of ftpd - make it the latest version too.

When adding a new user make their home dir equal to your www root dir - or change users home dir via vipw to your wwwroot.

Create a group common for all that access the wwwroot e.g. webgroup - add all you users to webgroup.

Then setup anonymous ftp per user in proftpd.conf
<Anonymous ~user1>
user user1
group webgroup
<Directory /*>
AllowOverwrite on

Keep adding inclusions for every user etc.

'chown' the group of all files and dirs in your wwwroot to webgroup

Uncomment ftpd in inetd - I start proftpd from a script in rc.d and kill off ftpd.

This will put a user into your wwwroot when they ftp in, won't let then "see" above this directory and allows creation and overwiting of files.

Chris Edmiston wrote:
I'm pretty new to FreeBSD, but i understand servers pretty well, but i am stumped with this one...

Here's where I'm at: I've got FreeBSD 4.0 with Apache 1.3.12 and mod_perl and mod_php4 running. I realized that when i use adduser, it also allows ftp in their home directory....

But, I want to create ftp username and passwords that all have access to my /usr/local/www directory with full permissions (the directory apache reads from).

I don't want them to be able to access any other directory (not even view it's contents), and definatley not allow reading and writing of ANY other directory, including their home directory.

I don't want them to be able to view any directory other than /usr/local/www and directoies contained within (don't let them view /usr/local or /usr or root directory)

When they login via ftp it needs to set them directly into the /usr/local/www directory, not anything else.

Any help greatly appreciated,

Chris Edmiston

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 Newbie Needs Help with FreeBSD Ftpd Server   new
Chris Edmiston 20-07-00 18:10 
 RE: Newbie Needs Help with FreeBSD Ftpd Server   new
Stu 22-07-00 12:46 

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