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 resource naming
Author: Rob 
Date:   26-12-01 08:45

I have a freebsd 4.3 box setup with 2 ISA NE2000 nics. I'm running ipf & ipnat and this works perfectly. However, I would now like to create a DMZ and add a thrid NIC to the system. I only have a PCI slot left, so I added a PCI NE2000 nic and now everything goes to hell.
So i wanted naming to be like this
ed0 - outside interface
ed1 - private network
ed2 - DMZ

My dhcp no longer works and my ipf & ipnat rules are all messed up. It seems as if the PCI nic takes ed0 and nothing takes ed1 and ed2 cannot have resources assigned to it. Is there any way i can specify which card gets what name? I'm probably going to need to recompile another kernel anyways so that doesn't matter.


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 Re: resource naming
Author: milkdady 
Date:   26-12-01 19:38

Sounds like conflicts with new ethernet card added. make sure you rebuild your kernel when adding a new nic and that its resources are not conflicting with any other device you may be using on your box.. you will probably want to boot using

hit F1 key when boot loader starts then issue

boot -s for sly cnfiguration utility and change the device parameters EG: irq DMA

then reboot making sure there are no other confilcts after adding proper values for your ethernet card in etc/rc.cof or using stand/sysinstall

if you cannot view the 3rd ethernet card VIA /stand/sysinstall means it wasnt built correctly inot your kernel or device conflicts.. read this topic for adding another nic to your machine..

i understand yours is a pci card but follows same guidelines.

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 Re: resource naming
Author: Rob 
Date:   26-12-01 22:57

okay, i downloaded a disk for setting up the pci nic, and it ed0 and the new nic are trying to use the same irq (11). Unfortunately, i cannot change the irq on the pci nic for some reason, so i guess that i should recompile my kernel with different options for ed0, right?

If I follow these steps, will it work?
1. Rejumper ed0 for different, unused values
2. Specify new values in kernel & rebuild
3. Add PCI nic to router

What I don't understand is, do I have to recompile the kernel to add the PCI nic? If I do, what would the line look like? My ed0 presently looks like this:
device ed0 at isa? port 0x320 irq 11 iomem 0xd8000
if i change these values, do i add an entry like this:
device ed2 at pci? port 0xfcc0-0xfcdf irq 11 iomem 0xd8000
(the 0xfcc0-0xfcdf are reported when run the manuracturer's utility)


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