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 New @home problems
Author: WCollier 
Date:   25-12-01 09:27

I've looked at a lot of the posts here, and they are great, but they all assume that you have a fixed hostname and domain name.


I've decided to give BSD4.4 a go, instead of my NetGear RT311 as the primary NAT for my home lan (because I can add Squid and other proxy stuff, like a local cach-ing nameserver, an identd fake responder, a vpn, and/or a web server on a non-standard port, etc).

I've already gotten an "external alternate" address from, and the box has 2 NICs in it.

I have 4 IP adresses from them when they were @home, 4 fixed IP.

But those are gone now, which leads to the problem...


The new AT&T morons not only refuse to give me the fixed IP I had been paying for, they dont even have a fixed hostname for my 4 addresses anymore. The DHCP returns the IP address, and gives a name as follows: =

In other words not only is my address dynamic, the freaking name is dynamic as well.

How do I deal with that from a NAT and cacheing DNS aspect?

Internally, I can be and fix that interface (and call it something local), but for the external thing. How do I automatically change the hostname and not screw up my local services?

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 Re: New @home problems
Author: WCollier 
Date:   25-12-01 23:30

I know - bad to followup your own message, but maybe if I explained what I want as a final result...

This is for my home, I have 2 machines, my wife has 2, my son has one, and we have an old boxe that I have been playing with Linux on. If I can get FreeBSD to to the following stuff, the Linux box will be an NFS client.

I'm giving up and beefing up my old P3 WinNT-Workstation box to convert it 100% to FreeBSD: 256MB RAM, P3-500, 2 PCI NICs, AGP TNT2-M63, SB-AWE64 ISA, AHA-7xxx PCI SCSI card, 9GM 10K-RPM SCSI HD (for the OS), 24x SCSI CDROM, IDE 16x DVD, and 3 40MB IDE HDs (for SAMBA - mainly all the morpheus junk that my wife and son have collected - mp3's, episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc, plus a shared install of MS Office, and windows home directories)

provides dns for internal PCs in an "imaginary" domain on 192.168.1.x ( for example)

provides DNS cache of external addresses for internal hosts

provides SAMBA share for internal windows hosts

provide PDC for the NT domain

lpr for internal hosts

"intranet" web server for internal hosts (my wifewants to learn "web stuff" - she is a graphic artists and needs to learn more of the programming side)

squid proxy/cache for internal hosts

NAT, firewall and proxy services for internal hosts

usenet "leaf node" to internal machines for reading a few newsgroups (no binaries, mainly a couple of comp groups, and a few hobby related groups)

externally, provide web server on non-standard port (since AT&T may block 80 at any time), ssh access, and VPN (so I can get to this net from work, and vice versa)

Now - I need to do all that with a fixed private address internally, and a DHCP dynamic NAME and ADDRESS (both change) externally - although I do have a "fixed name" reserved at to provide what will not

Ok - can someone give me pointers to this? I found bits and pieces, but as I said above, all the exmaples I have found assume that I have the hostname in a config file statically at boot time, not a (expletive deleted) dynamic name.

And before some smart-guy says it, no I cant get DSL at my house becasue the local phone company is USWorst (AKA Qwest) and they have some stone age un-upgraded switch thats still too far away for even ISDN. So Im stuck wiht the cable monopoly unless I want to go back to 28.8 on a dialup (yes, thats the best rate the crappy noisy local copper phone lines will deliver).

Thanks in advance - not asking for much am I? ;-)

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