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 Sendmail Wizards Needed!
Author: el_kab0ng 
Date:   18-12-01 07:27

ok... here we go with a lengthy description...

I have the following three servers:

I want to handle all incoming and outgoing mail for I have sendmail set up to masquerade any user on as

I can send mail via, but when replying to, I keep getting user unknown errors.

I thought I could swing it with virtusertables ( but that didn't work.

I even went so far as to try aliases on, with no luck.

Can sendmail do smart routing like I want?

server1 -> mail -> world
world -> mail -> redirect based on "to" -> server1

confused yet?

I run sendmail 8.11 on FreeBSD 4.4-RELEASE

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 Re: Sendmail Wizards Needed!
Author: el_kab0ng 
Date:   18-12-01 08:36

Actually, after further review... here's some additional info..

The ASCII "flow chart" would be better represented by this:

user@server1 -> mail -> world (outbound mail from server1 relays through mail)

world -> user@web -> mail <- users (users having a "real" account on the mail server)

world -> user@web -> mail -> user@server1 <- users (users who have an account on server1, but are masqueraded as @web email addresses, yet don't have "real" accounts on the mail server.

where the following conditions are met:

web == 1 machine handling all web and directing any @web email addresses to mail.

mail == 1 machine handling all mail for both web and server1.

server1 == 1 shell box with a subdomain masqueraded as @web email accounts.

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 Re: Sendmail Wizards Needed!
Author: Dan Larsson 
Date:   19-12-01 11:23

You need the domain "" in your
"/etc/mail/local-domains" (this is the file which previously went
by the name "/etc/") file alternatively add the feature "virtuser-entire-domain" to your file and rebuild your

You might also find the use for "mailbox-tables". Which allows
you to split a domain based mail route to specific servers
depending on the userid, this is IIRC a hack not distributed with
sendmail so you'll have to do a search on Google or whatever to
find out more on this.

Doing a "sendmail -bv" from the commandline
should tell you right away if sendmail knows how to handle emails
sent to that particular user.

Alternatively try setting up a mailertable entry, which would
look something like this:

" relay:[]"

This will tell sendmail to relay mail for the entire domain "" to the server "". This combined
with a mailbox-table might get you a push in the right direction.

Good luck!


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